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Content creation is one of the most hyped things nowadays in the digital marketing industry. Many social media platforms have joined hands with various creators to showcase talents, and one of them is YouTube. YouTube was launched in 2005, and it is one of the most viewed websites today. Now, YouTube has come up with YouTube Shorts, and since then, it’s making heads turn.

Everything to Know About YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are 15-60-second video presentations of your content. You can upload, edit, and add music to your content according to your audience’s engagement. Your audience can share, comment, like, and subscribe to your channel while viewing your videos. In Shorts, the video will not disappear, unlike other short-form videos on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.


How to Make YouTube Shorts?

Shorts comes with two options:

  • Upload your video edited from another app or website.
  • Create your video directly within Shorts.

Let’s explain the above steps:

Step 1: Log in to the YouTube app.

Step 2: Start with Shorts.

Step 3: Click on the (+) button on the homepage to create a short video.

How much do YouTube Shorts creators get paid - Copy

Step 4: Hold down the red button to record a 15-60-second video, choosing from various recording options.

Step 5: To increase audience engagement, scroll through the toolbar to add effects and elements to the video.

Step 6: After adding the above elements, the page will direct you to the next module.

Step 7: Here, you can preview your video and add music, voice, filters, and more. Once you are done, click on the NEXT button.

Step 8: Create a caption, set visibility, location, and audience, then click on UPLOAD SHORT.

How to get paid through Shorts?

You might be wondering how to earn money through your videos. Did you know that Shorts offers the highest earnings to a creator through their video? Well, there are some rules before earning through YouTube Shorts. Creators should gain 10 million views in 90 days to join the partner program.

How to get paid through Shorts

What is the partner program?

It is a partnership program that connects firms to different partners who help in marketing leads and revenue. Once you qualify for the program, the creator will earn 45% of Ad revenue for videos.

How much do YouTube Shorts creators get paid?

Shorts’ revenue depends on views. The more views, the higher the revenue earned. The amount ranges between $100 and $1000.

How to Make YouTube Shorts

What is the range of words when adding a caption?

It starts with 100 characters.

What is the range of hashtags to add to Shorts?

In general, 15 hashtags are required for the video. If you are using a 100-character caption, then fewer hashtags will work.

Partying Thoughts

YouTube Shorts has proved to be a cost-effective video marketing strategy. YouTube Shorts has become an important part of the digital marketing industry. If you want your social media presence to be more active, then Shorts can be a good option.
It provides ample opportunities, whether you are a business firm or an individual who wants to earn extra revenue.

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