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About us


We are a leading marketing and creative agency in Chandigarh, helping businesses grow and succeed.

Meet the Owner

We're a skilled team in Chandigarh that has won awards for our diverse talents. We love coming up with creative ways to enhance the image of businesses and individuals, aiming to make the world a more visually appealing place.

“Chandan Sanwal was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Chandan SanwalFounder of Social Watch | Chandigarh Bytes
Mr. Sanwal, Founder SocialWatch
CEO, Founder

Chandan Sanwal

Mr. Chandan Sanwal, the head and brain behind our digital marketing crew, is like the captain steering our ship to success. With loads of experience and a knack for smart ideas, he’s the reason our agency stands out. Picture him as the person who keeps us ahead of the digital game, always knowing what’s cool and what works.

Under Mr. Sanwal’s lead, our team doesn’t just survive; we thrive. He’s the one who encourages us to think outside the box and come up with awesome stuff for our clients. You could say he’s the driving force behind the scenes, making sure we’re on top of the latest trends and tech.

Modern Architecture

In this digital space, our architecture isn't bricks but an arrangement of tools, strategies, and ideas. It's like constructing strong online presences and eye-catching campaigns. We've got the virtual pillars and beams to support businesses and individuals looking to shine in the vast online landscape.

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Collaborative and creative atmosphere

Creativity and collaboration are essential for success in digital marketing. Our agency encourages employees to share ideas and work together to solve problems.


Results-oriented approach

The goal of our digital marketing agency is to achieve results. We are focused on results and holds employees accountable for their performance.


Continuous Learning and Development

Our digital marketing agency scenario is constantly changing, so it’s important for employees to be committed to continuous learning and development.


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