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E-Commerce solutions

With experienced advice, take your online business to the next level.

Social Media Marketing

We'll provide you with a guaranteed strategy for creating and marketing your business online.

Website/ App Development

Connect with experienced website development companies capable of creating, designing, and maintaining different websites.

360° Branding

We provide everything as a full-service brand and design agency, from digital content and marketing to promotional design.

Design & Creative

Creating content that stays true out in a feed while also being proven to drive results. As an experienced team of designers, developers, and content strategists, we are constantly pushing to set this year's design trends.


Professional, engaging photography and videography will increase audience engagement.

Performance Marketing

Our marketing company focuses on establishing and carrying out data-driven performance marketing plans that produce the best results.

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Branding Strategies Tailored to Your Needs.

Building Brands Starts With Building Websites

SocialWatch is a Digital Marketing agency in chandigarh & with 12 years of existence, we've worked many projects and multiple brands from varied domains to realize one thing - Your website is an organic extension of your brand.
We strive to create that seamless experience for your customers.


Years of experience


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Who we are?

Welcome to our digital agency, where creativity and technology meet.

With over 12 years of industry experience, we are pleased to have collaborated on several projects and with a different range of brands across different fields. Our unchanging objective has always been to make your website a living, breathing reflection of your business.

We Understand How Crucial Marketing is

Don't just make a website and wait for orders to come by! Target the right audience and get 100+* orders daily. Social Media and E-commerce are directly related to each other and we are professionals bridging the gap between the two.

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We’re Grateful To Work With Incredible Clients






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Rethink Design 

Rethink Design 

Rethink Design 

UI Design

A case study is an in-depth breakdown of a single project that a designer has done. A UI/UX case study can range in detail, but is commonly used to showcase the intricacies of a designer’s problem solving and visual design skills.

Web Design

A web design case study is a visual and textual analysis of a successful web platform, landing page, website design, or other web-based product.

Social Media

social media case study is an in-depth exploration of one of your biggest client success stories. It describes how you helped them solve their problems and reach their goals.

Scale your brand and earn more revenue

Social Watch