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In the ever-evolving sight of social media marketing, Instagram continues to be one of the most influential platforms for businesses and individuals. With billions of active users, mastering the art of Instagram SEO has become important for anyone looking to maximize their visibility and reach their target audience.

Yes, this is true. Instagram SEO is actually happening and functions on Google in the same way as regular SEO. Instagram SEO, if used properly, can help you reach new audiences and make your profile more visible at a time when social media is quickly growing.

In this article, we’ll cover the key concepts of Instagram SEO, which includes seven strategies for improving your profile and posts to increase your visibility and connect with your target audience.

Basics of Instagram SEO You Should Become Proficient in

What is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO

Instagram SEO improves the performance of your profile and content. It uses specific features, such as keywords, to target users who might be interested in your content. This feeds into search results and the Instagram algorithm.

Your account or content will show up when users search for particular keywords in the Instagram search bar or on their Explore page if you become an absolute pro at Instagram SEO.

The following are just a few of the many different aspects of your account that can be optimized for Instagram SEO:

  • Hashtags
  • Keywords
  • Profile bios
  • Alt text
  • Reels audio

Put differently, search engine optimization for Instagram is similar to search engine optimization for traditional search engines, but it is specific to the Instagram platform and its users.

Why is SEO important for Instagram?

SEO for Instagram

In 2024, Instagram SEO will be more important than ever. In the past, users could discover fresh Instagram content by using hashtags or the Explore tab. It was an uncertain and occasionally chaotic process, but it worked.

Today’s search results and goals are more focused and refined. Particularly on platforms like TikTok centered around hype and trends, people use social media more like search engines. Because specific keywords are more likely to be searched for than hashtags, focusing on Instagram keywords and overall SEO health is imperative.

Can hashtags improve your Instagram SEO?

Instagram Hashtags

In fact, using hashtags can help you with Instagram SEO. Although they shouldn’t be the only focus, if they are relevant to your topic and keywords, they might help the platform in deciding the way to rank and organize your content.

In Instagram, what counts as SEO?

Finding the right keywords and matching them to a target audience appears to be the main focus of SEO. Yes, that is a portion of it, but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Instagram bio SEO

IG bio

The SEO for Instagram depends heavily on your Instagram bio. It’s important to include related search terms and keywords there.

Provide context to both human viewers and the search engine bots by using your Instagram bio. What is your purpose and who are you? What kind of content is expected to be in your grid for users to find, as well as for the Instagram search engine?

Instagram name SEO


Instagram deals with selecting a username and profile name for your account that is related to your content and contains keywords that people will use to look up accounts similar to yours is known as SEO.

Starting with your well-known brand name is the best course of action. Include a relevant keyword if there is space in your handle or name.

SEO of Instagram’s alt text

SEO of Instagram's alt text

Instagram’s alt text is similar to that of the web. For people who are blind or visually impaired, the content is made accessible through a text description of an image or video. Moreover, it offers a synopsis of the content if the picture itself cannot load.

Because it enables Instagram to better understand what’s in your content and, consequently, determine whether it’s relevant to a particular search query, Instagram alt text is also crucial for SEO.

Instagram’s SEO ranking standards

It refers to the factors that determine how high or low your posts show up in search results on Instagram. Just like how Google ranks websites, Instagram also has its criteria for deciding which posts are the most relevant and useful to users.

Text search

Text search

It comes as no surprise that what someone types into the search bar is the most important signal to search. Instagram searches for relevant usernames, bios, captions, hashtags, and locations based on the search terms.

Activities of users

Activities of users

Along with hashtags and accounts the user has followed and interacted with, this also includes past posts the user has seen, even from accounts they do not follow. User-interacted accounts and hashtags have a higher ranking than non-interacted ones.

Signals of popularity

Signals of popularity

Popular content is likely to show up higher in the search results. Instagram uses signals like the number of clicks, likes, shares, and follows to calculate popularity.

10 Instagram SEO strategies to boost your reach

Instagram SEO 2024
  1. Include Instagram SEO keywords in your captions- Using Instagram SEO keywords in your captions increases the reach and interaction of your content. By carefully choosing and including appropriate keywords, you can increase visibility and draw in more readers to your posts.
  2. Use hashtags that are focused on SEO- Use hashtags with an SEO focus to increase your Instagram presence and interaction. Using SEO-optimized hashtags improves content visibility and brings in a specific audience, which helps you make the most out of your social media strategy.
  3. Make your alt text more optimized- Optimize your alt text for improved accessibility and SEO. Creating descriptive alt text enhances content visibility for screen readers and search engines, boosting overall discoverability and engagement.
  4. Put subtitles on videos- Subtitles improve accessibility and viewer engagement with videos. Subtitles increase audience reach and recall by allowing content consumption in noisy or sound-sensitive conditions while improving viewer understanding.
  5. Post at the proper time- Posting during ideal times will increase engagement. By effectively scheduling your posts, you can make sure that they are seen and connected with by the greatest number of people at the peak of their activity.
  6. Focus on your niche- Center your content around your niche for targeted engagement. Focusing on your niche ensures your posts connect with your specific audience, raising deeper connections and maximizing the impact of your social media strategy.
  7. Put a location in your bio- Add a location to your bio to improve visibility while creating a connection with your audience. By adding a location, you can help users connect with your brand and gain loyal followers, which will increase engagement and promote a sense of community.
  8. Engage with accounts ranking for your target keywords- By engaging with accounts that rank for your target keywords, you can increase your visibility. Including relevant accounts broadens your network and improves the chance that your target audience will find your content, increasing reach and engagement.
  1. Maintain the Recommendations Handbook- Maintain regular follow-up to the recommendation guide. By keeping this manual up to date, you support quality standards, encourage collaboration among teams, and improve workflow efficiency all of which contribute to success and growth.
  2. Consider Meta Verified (only for Creators)- Creators should give priority to Meta verification. Reaching Meta verification expands the audience, and opens up the possibility of exclusive features, enabling content producers to build a more recognizable brand and improve audience engagement.

Wrapping Thoughts

To sum up, in 2024, becoming an expert in Instagram SEO will be important for increasing your presence and making the most of your influence on the platform. You can increase the visibility of your content, improve the way you interact with your target audience, and ultimately grow your Instagram following by putting the strategies listed in this guide to use. Each component of your Instagram strategy, from making the most out of your captions and hashtags to using video subtitles and interacting with accounts that rank for your target keywords, is key to increasing your visibility.

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