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Humans are taught to respond to the movement. And what’s shocking is that 70% of sensory receptors are in our eyes. And it is believed that 90% of the information our brain processes is visual.

For instance, if we are watching a video, the content shown may not be understandable. However, the visual representation will keep the audience engaged.

Hence, video content can more precisely spread a brand’s message to the audience.

Before diving into how digital marketing has shaped video marketing, firstly let’s understand what exactly video marketing is.

What is Video Marketing?

The use of video content to educate or market your brand and products to audiences is known as video marketing. Videos can be used by brands in a wide range of digital contexts and platforms, such as social media marketing, digital advertising, their website, and more.

Digital Marketing

Additionally, when you use video in your marketing strategy to promote a brand, item, service, or message, you are said to use video for marketing. Video marketing educates your audience and boosts engagement across social and digital channels.

How Video Marketing Works?

Types of Video Marketing

Using video for marketing has a very simple “how” to it. Your marketing team creates videos that engage both present and future customers and either directly or indirectly market your brand and business, increase sales, or spread awareness of the goods and services you offer.

Since video marketing is a data-driven field, your marketing growth needs to keep an eye on a number of connected data and track customer engagement.

Generally speaking, video marketing is only one part of a larger marketing plan or campaign. But as it happens, the Internet and social media have made video marketing’s role much more important today.

Types of Video Marketing

Multiple forms of video marketing exist. Finding the kind of video that will be made before production starts can help with how and where the video will be used for promotion. These are a few of the most well-liked video formats that work well with a video marketing strategy, though this is by no means a complete list.

Video Marketing
  • Product Demonstrations: These videos showcase how a product works, its features, and its benefits, providing customers with a clear understanding of its functionality.
  • Explainer Videos: These videos explain complex concepts, products, or services in a simple and engaging manner, often using animation or motion graphics.
  • Tutorial and How-To Videos: Similar to product demonstrations, these videos offer step-by-step instructions on how to use a product or accomplish a task. They can establish authority and build trust with the audience.
  • Brand Storytelling Videos: These videos tell the story of a brand, its mission, values, and history. They aim to connect emotionally with the audience and build a strong brand identity.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Videos: Offering a glimpse into the company’s operations, culture, or the making of a product can humanize the brand and promote transparency.
  • Live Videos: Broadcasting live events, Q&A sessions, product launches, or behind-the-scenes content in real-time can engage audiences and create immediacy and authenticity.
  • Interactive Videos: These videos allow viewers to interact with the content, making choices that affect the narrative or providing feedback. They can enhance engagement and create a personalized experience.
  • Short-form Videos: Creating concise and engaging videos optimized for platforms like YouTube or Instagram Reels can capture attention quickly and appeal to younger audiences.
  • Documentaries and Mini-Documentaries: Producing longer-form videos that search deep into a topic related to the brand or industry can provide valuable insights and entertain audiences.
  • Interactive Product Demos: Utilizing interactive elements within product demonstration videos, such as clickable hotspots or 360-degree views, can enhance engagement and provide a more engaging experience.

Know the Power of Video Marketing

SEO campaign

An important engagement strategy that can significantly change your social media marketing results is video marketing. Beyond a doubt, social media users enjoy the video, which is one of the many scientific reasons why it’s such a powerful tool for online influence.

A peek into the reasons behind users’ need for social media video content today comes from video research conducted by Google and YouTube during the pandemic in 2020.

Learning new skills (33%) and consuming original and fresh content (31%) are the top two factors driving increased video usage through all streaming services, according to the insights of over 4,000 Americans.

Benefits of Video Marketing:

Digital Marketing Industry

Increase the size of your achievable audience

Customers may see video content through a variety of channels, such as social media posts, product pages, or streaming movies, giving you access to a global audience.

Grab the interest of the audience

Video content can be compared with text and still images and is a rich media that offers motion, colors, music, and other sounds. Getting attention can have strategic advantages, such as helping in brand discovery for customers.

Make convincing marketing content

Video marketing isn’t just about advertisements; it can also be an excellent way to provide audiences with useful content that engages them in new ways.

Producing engaging video content can help your website receive more natural traffic and serve as a valuable tool for your SEO campaign.

Highlight your products and brand

Video explanations may help you convey your product’s benefits and brand story in a way that text and pictures alone might not be able to.

Making videos of your product in use will enable consumers to see its possible uses. 

Additionally, you can use video to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business rather than narrating the narrative of your brand’s guiding principles.

Wrapping Thoughts

That’s video marketing in action! It’s like having a mini TV show right in your hand. These videos help companies show off their products, teach you new things, and even tell stories about their brand. They’re like little commercials, but way more interesting and shareable. And guess what? Because people love watching videos, they’re changing the way businesses reach out to customers online. It’s like the new superstar of digital marketing, making everything more entertaining and engaging.

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